Discover the Foundling Museum (London)

Foundling Museum London
Tokens left by mothers to their children
Inside the Foundling Museum London
What ?

The Foundling Museum (London, near Kings Cross station) is a small but very interesting museum. If you’ve ever read or watched Hetty Feather on CBBC  you might have an idea of what it meant to be living at the Foundling Hospital. Between 1741 when the first babies were admitted and until 1954 when the last pupil was placed in foster care, the Foundling hospital took care of abandoned and orphaned children.

Where ?

Foundling Museum,
40 Brunswick Square

Entrance price: FREE for children and £11 Adults, £8.25 Concessions

What’s good about it?

In the main area of the museum you get to understand what kind of life the children who went to this place had. The rest of the building also have two other beautiful rooms to look at as well as events and exhibitions.

Oh, and you know what, there is a nice café and on the wall of the café are names of famous people and also characters who were orphans or fostered children.
Did you know Han Solo was orphaned ? So was Mathilda… (in Roald Dahl’s book).

Why does Didi recommend this visit ?

Get to know the world of Hetty Feather and to understand what it would have been like to be in a place like this.

Pay attention to:

– The identifying tokens mothers left to each child that went to the Foundling Hospital
– Jacqueline Wilson’s manuscript of her book (Hetty Feather)
– The costumes the boys and girls were wearing

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