How to make a planner


What you need

– 7 coloured papers
– Glue
– Ruler
– Scissors
– Rubber
– Pencil
– Markers or pencils to draw with

THE BIT YOU MAY NOT HAVE: Glue dots. (We bought ours in a Poundshop).

Making a planner

1 . Start tracing on each coloured paper
Prepare a paper strip about 3.5 cm wide. You could make one in each colour.

Making a planner

2 . Cut each strip
You should make 7, one for each day of your planner.

Making a planner sticking

3 . Paste each strip next to each other
We have used the same paper for Saturday and Sunday to show it’s the weekend!

Planner making / cutting

4 . Prepare and cut the days of the week
We’ve only used the 3 first letters for each day and typed them on the computer, but you can write it yourself or just use one letter per day.

Planner making

5 . Your planner is ready
You have to create the images for all the activities you do and use GLUE DOTS to paste them on. This way, when your activities change, you can put new ones in, or change the day you do them.

Make a planner

6 . Place your activities on the planner
We’ve used icons we found on the internet, but you could draw your activities and then paste them using the glue dots on your planner!


7 . Put your planner on the wall
Your planner is now ready.

What did you do ? Email us a photo of your planner and we’ll post it here to inspire other children.

See what Tom, 9 years old did with his!

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