How to make paper rings

paper_ring materials

What you need

– Coloured paper (one or more)
– Glue
– Scissors
– Pen

Make a paper ring step 1

1 . Cut a triangle 
Cut one or more triangle in your coloured paper.

paper ring step 02

2 . Fold
Fold the triangle on itself.

paper ring step 03

3 . Fold again
Once you have folded both sides, your triangle should look like this.

paper ring final folding

4 . Final folding
Turn your paper around. Fold each recently folded side like on the image to create the ears of the little creature’s head.

Paper ring step 5

5 . Draw faces
Have fun drawing a little face and ears to your creature. It could be cute or it could be scary!

Paper rings cutting

6 . Cut a strip of paper
Cut a paper strip, which will become the ring around your finger.

paper ring step 07

7 . Measure your finger
Put the strip around your finger to measure the size of your ring, then cut it to size.

paper rings

8 . Wear your ring!
You can now wear your ring and make several others for you and your friends!

What did you do ? Email us a photo of your rings and we will post it here to inspire other children.

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